Automated Disc Importer

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This advanced workflow solution enables the automated importing of images and reports from outside CDs and DVDs. Quickly Import batches of discs utilizing a walk-up, touch screen interface.

Enhances Workflow

Hospitals and imaging centers are inundated with discs from outside organizations. The manual importation of data is not only very time consuming, but also very costly.

With Automated Disc Importer, organizations have the added ability of importing volumes of discs into temporary cloud-based or local storage through an automated process, eliminating the need for human intervention. Once discs are read, users may reconcile the data and import into their archive.

As an added security benefit, the Automated Disc Importer takes a photograph of every disc label that is being read for purposes of audit trail reporting. The photograph clearly identifies where the disc was created.

The Automated Disc Importer ingests medical images and reports from DICOM discs, drastically reducing time spent on manual importing.


  • Integrated high resolution digital camera
  • Everest™ thermal retransfer printing
  • Touch screen interface
  • Disc reconciliation
  • Job status queue
  • Audit trail reports




Media Importer + Scan

Easily upload CDs and DVDs and scan documents into your radiology workflow. Reconcile, view and share images and reports brought in from outside sources.

Media Importer

Media Importer streamlines the management of incoming discs, allowing for distribution of patient data that enters your facility from outside sources. Media Importer enables reconciliation of outside images and data and uploads them into the healthcare enterprise where they can be instantly viewed and shared with authorized users, and/or seamlessly imported into your archive or cloud.

Enhances Productivity

  • Import an unlimited number of outside discs from any workstation
  • Enables you to quickly and easily receive, view, reconcile, and manage outside discs
  • Reconciles and stores images and reports for collaborative viewing and secondary interpretation, extending access beyond the walls of the medical facility
  • Allows disc content to be shared with referring physicians, reducing the need for unnecessary or duplicate procedures
  • Outside discs sent to the cloud can be viewed online or archived
  • Provides a process for securely sharing image data without needing to import it to your archive


A powerful addition to the already robust Media Importer product, Scan allows users to attach a compatible scanner and seamlessly integrate paper and electronic documents into their radiology workflow.

Scan also allows you to send electronic documents to your archive by using a standard print function to create secondary capture images.

When scanning a paper document or sending an electronic document to your archive, users can enter patient information by hand or select a matching study from a disc, PACS, or modality worklist. Those documents are added to studies as DICOM-standard secondary capture images and become a part of the study for archiving and viewing.



“Our company has maintained a successful relationship with DatCard for over 6 years, and it is their continued high level of customer service and product reliability that keeps us engaging them for our image distribution needs year after year. Their latest product innovation in the cloud image-sharing world will help us keep pace with growing customer base demands, and we look forward to working closely with the DatCard team on future application developments.”



Record DICOM images and results onto CD/DVD for easy portability

Cost Effective and Affordable

PacsCube takes DICOM images and results and seamlessly records them onto discs. It embeds a lite DICOM viewing tool so images and reports can be viewed from any computer. Discs are uniquely labeled with patient and study demographics, facility logo and audit trail identifier.

  • PacsCube is one of the most stable and reliable DICOM distribution solutions available in the medical community.
  • When used in place of film PacsCube enables you to better communicate with patients and referring physicians, while realizing enhanced workflow efficiency and significant cost savings.

Enhances Workflow

  • Fully automates the burning and customization process, producing consistent, professional looking media while reducing your time and overall cost
  • Requests can be submitted from any PC across the enterprise and multiple jobs can be processed simultaneously, freeing up resources and workstations
  • Automatically spans multiple discs if necessary or alternately burns to a DVD, to handle even the most complex job request
  • Produces a label for each disc with a unique audit trail identifier and also generates an audit trail report to aid in maintaining the HIPAA standard
  • Supports a variety of OEM viewers and allows you to maintain the look and feel of your PACS viewer.
  • From encryption to decryption to importation of discs, the entire process is easy, user friendly and requires no additional software

PacsCube and Virtual Image Exchange (VIE) can be used as stand-alone solutions or hybrid product offerings.




“PacsCube has helped increase our productivity while at the same time lowering our production costs, and bringing a positive impact to our patient experience.”


Virtual Image Exchange (VIE)

Share images and reports via DatCard’s proprietary cloud network for secure, online image sharing anywhere, anytime!

Virtual Image Exchange (VIE) extends clinical image access beyond the boundaries of your institution, allowing the exchange and control of images through DatCard’s patent protected cloud network. Recipients can view images and reports anywhere, anytime and import the data into their internal archive. VIE helps institutions improve outcomes, cut costs and expand their user network.

VIE provides hospitals and imaging centers with instant online access and cost-effective methods for delivering medical images and data, anywhere, anytime.

Enhances Workflow

  • Extends your ability to receive, manage and distribute clinical images and reports from disparate systems—beyond the walls of your healthcare facility—without reinventing your workflow and standard of care
  • Supports images from any source, providing seamless, collaborative access to images across facilities, between imaging departments and referring clinicians—allowing for secure and validated exchange of information on demand
  • View and download images and reports anywhere, anytime
  • Import an unlimited number of outside CDs into the cloud or internal PACS system for enterprise wide viewing
  • Leverages existing HL7 and DICOM based connectivity
  • Features a zero install viewer for DICOM image and report display on both MAC and Windows desktops
  • Supports both DICOM and non DICOM image types
  • Real-time collaboration with other physicians
  • Download and view images and reports on your handheld devices
  • End to end patented encryption of patient data
  • Data is safeguarded within a premier, securely managed globally scalable hosting facility that is HIPAA compliant and SSAE 16 audit certified.



“…I had a physician call from Johns Hopkins/Maryland who needed to see their patients brain MRI immediately. I was able to call the physicians admin assistant, let her know to have the MD check her email and do a quick registration and that I would then send the images. I watched online and as soon as she registered, I immediately sent the MR study. I then went back to the portal to make sure it was ‘viewed’. I am so excited that it was this easy to use!!!!”