Virtual Image Exchange


Virtual Image Exchange (VIE)

Share images and reports via DatCard’s proprietary cloud network for secure, online image sharing anywhere, anytime!

Virtual Image Exchange (VIE) extends clinical image access beyond the boundaries of your institution, allowing the exchange and control of images through DatCard’s patent protected cloud network. Recipients can view images and reports anywhere, anytime and import the data into their internal archive. VIE helps institutions improve outcomes, cut costs and expand their user network.

VIE provides hospitals and imaging centers with instant online access and cost-effective methods for delivering medical images and data, anywhere, anytime.

Enhances Workflow



“…I had a physician call from Johns Hopkins/Maryland who needed to see their patients brain MRI immediately. I was able to call the physicians admin assistant, let her know to have the MD check her email and do a quick registration and that I would then send the images. I watched online and as soon as she registered, I immediately sent the MR study. I then went back to the portal to make sure it was ‘viewed’. I am so excited that it was this easy to use!!!!”