Media Importer + Scan


Media Importer + Scan

Easily upload CDs and DVDs and scan documents into your radiology workflow. Reconcile, view and share images and reports brought in from outside sources.

Media Importer

Media Importer streamlines the management of incoming discs, allowing for distribution of patient data that enters your facility from outside sources. Media Importer enables reconciliation of outside images and data and uploads them into the healthcare enterprise where they can be instantly viewed and shared with authorized users, and/or seamlessly imported into your archive or cloud.

Enhances Productivity


A powerful addition to the already robust Media Importer product, Scan allows users to attach a compatible scanner and seamlessly integrate paper and electronic documents into their radiology workflow.

Scan also allows you to send electronic documents to your archive by using a standard print function to create secondary capture images.

When scanning a paper document or sending an electronic document to your archive, users can enter patient information by hand or select a matching study from a disc, PACS, or modality worklist. Those documents are added to studies as DICOM-standard secondary capture images and become a part of the study for archiving and viewing.



“Our company has maintained a successful relationship with DatCard for over 6 years, and it is their continued high level of customer service and product reliability that keeps us engaging them for our image distribution needs year after year. Their latest product innovation in the cloud image-sharing world will help us keep pace with growing customer base demands, and we look forward to working closely with the DatCard team on future application developments.”